Caledonian Royal Coast Guard

The navy of the Kingdom of Caledon is a small force dedicated to defending the waters and shores of the kingdom, and is known as the Royal Coast Guard.  As such, it possesses no ships that are overtly offensive in nature.  In fact, all of the coast guard's original vessels were captured during the country's liberation from the Movement for a Communist Zartania (MCZ) forces.  The MCZ, in turn, obtained most of the vessels from the former Thistland when they succeeded in subverting that government.  Below you will find a listing of all of the Royal Coast Guard's current ships, as well as information about some of its personnel, missions, and flags.  The coast guard is commanded by Commodore Sir Norman Lesley, with its headquarters located at the major port of Blackstakes near Leith.

The Royal Coast Guard has three flags that are flown by all of its ships.  These flags are the ensign, the jack, and the commission pennant.  The Caledonian Coast Guard ensign has a red field with the national flag in the canton.  In the fly of the ensign are two crossed white anchors topped by a gold royal crown.  The ensign is flown from the stern of the ship both at sea and in port.  The jack, following international custom, is taken from the canton of the ensign.  As such, the Caledonian jack is, essentially, the national flag.  The jack is flown from the bow of the ship when the vessel is in port and docked.  The commission pennant is a long, thin, swallow-tailed pennant that is made of three horizontal stripes of yellow, black, and white.  The pennant is flown from the ship's mainmast from the time it is commissioned into service until it is finally decommissioned at the end of its service life.

Caledonian Royal Coast Guard ensign, est. 301AP

Caledonian Royal Coast Guard jack, est. 301AP

Caledonian Royal Coast Guard commission pennant, est. 301AP

The Caledonian Royal Coast Guard currently is composed of fourteen combat vessels and various support ships, all of which were captured from the MCZ during the liberation in 301AP.  However, Caledon recently made an agreement with Porto Capital to begin licensed production of the Portocapitalian Lideransa Class small frigate.  Renamed the Defender Class, production began on the first ship in August of 303AP, and is scheduled to be launched in early April 305AP.  At the same time, the kingdom's shipbuilding industry is actively involved in designing new classes of warships to replace and augment the ones currently in service.  The flagship of the coast guard is currently the Kingdom Class destroyer HMS Caledon, the fleet's largest combat vessel, and only destroyer.  Below you'll find a list of the current combat vessels in the coast guard, followed by various photographs of some of the ships.
Destroyer Caledon Kingdom Class flagship of the fleet
Small Frigate Defender Defender (Lideransa) Class April 305AP launching

Defender (Lideransa) Class
November 304AP keel-laying
Corvette Eidyn City Class in service

North Kiltown City Class in service

Donaldville City Class in service

Leith City Class under repair, Blackstakes

Port Owen City Class in service

Castle Sheldon City Class in service
Fast Attack Stewart Clan Class in service

Lindsay Clan Class under repair, Port Owen

Forsyth Clan Class in service

McLeod Clan Class in service

McCormick Clan Class in service

McDonald Clan Class in service

Richardson Clan Class in service

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